The sword of heavens

«The sword of heavens» is my new comic project.

Expanding the world of Rogues, I had full dreedom to imagine a story in the age and with the theme I wanted.

First, I wrote a story set in the middle age, not in a fantastic world like the original universe of Rogues, but something more real, an actual medieval place.

Then I realized I wanted to be more daring, and I changed completely the story, everything, and wrote a different script located in the ancient Greece. I’m familar with this topic since I already made a comic about mythology and classic history (The song of Ariadna, comic/manga with 160 pages published in Spain by Glénat).

This time, Weasel and Bram will be soldiers of the king’s army:

» In a time beyond our memories, war roared endlessly. When the Bewitched King attacks the kingdom of Bethmos, the legendary Blade of Heaven becomes the last hope for the humankind. But for Weasel, there’s nothing more important as the Brotherhood of Warriors! »


You can see the first three pages in the blog of the publisher or clicking on the images below:

The sword of heavens will be for sale in April in the USA.

You can already preorder my comic by asking in your shop for it with this code:


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